Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey y'all.  Just a note to say that I'm still here but am knee-deep in life!

Here are a few things that are going on right now....

  • Charles graduated from high school and we had a few family members over for lunch afterwards.
  • David Graham and his crew have begun work on the exterior of our house....finally!
  • We spent most of a week at the beach for the SCFA convention.
  • The clothes dryer quit working as soon as we got home from the beach with 5 peoples' dirty clothes.
  • The girls played in a softball tournament in Hartsville last weekend.
  • Mary Jo slid into 3rd and scraped her whole leg and sprained her ankle.
  • Work continues on the house.....from early in the morning until late in the afternoons.
  • Chuck and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.
  • The compressor is about messed up on my car.
  • Chuck had to have $1000 worth of work done on his truck.
  • Chuck and I have been shopping for new/used cars for our family.
  • I've been busy trying to get Carolina Cyclone paperwork and sponsorships in order for Lawren and Mary Jo.
  • The Cyclones are playing this weekend in Rock Hill.
  • Chuck bought me a new (used) car today and is going to pick up his new (used) car tomorrow.
  • The fix-it man has not shown up yet, so the dryer still does not work.  I've been carting basketfuls of wet clothes to Beulah's to dry.
  • Lawren and MJ leave for San Francisco/Berkeley next Wednesday and have done absolutely nothing to get ready.
Well, I really didn't mean to unload all of that so suddenly.  Hopefully when I find time to  sit to think about it all in the next few days, I will blog about each with a happier heart and more patient spirit.

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