Wednesday, June 22, 2011

California Trip Begins

The girls are in California! 
Lawren and MJ, on arrival in SF
Chuck and I took them to Douglas International this morning, and they flew out at 9:40 AM.

It was hard to leave the airport, knowing that it would be three weeks before I see them again, but this is such a great opportunity for them.  I'd been telling them for years that they could go when they got a little older, and I kept my word....fifteen is a great age to go away from home, experience new places and see new things....
Golden Gate Bridge
Spread your wings.....
Have a wonderful vacation in California!
Lawren and MJ at the Cliff House
Soak up all that this world has to offer.....
Take in all in, cherish, and fully experience these days
because you'll never be the same again.
We will miss you and you'll probably miss us too.
Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your trip!
I love you!


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