Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. The last movie I saw was       Water for Elephants.  Chuck and I went to see it shortly after I finished reading the novel.  We both loved it!

2. I want to eat nacho chips with black bean and corn salsa and guacamole......

3. Surprises are   hard to come is very difficult to surprise me, so don't try!
4. The best accessory is one's smile and attitude....

5. My favorite warm drink is a good hot cup of coffee with vanilla creamer.....

6. My favorite cold drink is        sweet tea....I'm a good Southern girl. .
7. Currently loving        my sweet husband.  He and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this week.  He also arranged for both of us to get new/used cars this week.  He really didn't have to do it, but because the compressor was about to poop out on my car, he went ahead and traded it in!  He is absolutely the BEST, and I love him now more now than I did all those years ago.  He's my best friend, my rock, and my love!

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