Friday, December 16, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. My most favorite "little thing" is sleeping late on Saturdays, and then getting up and hanging around the house in my nightclothes.... .

2. I give anything to for the children to willingly help decorate the Christmas tree..

3. I can't believe how awkward it is to talk to some my students about "real life" issues....some of them live on a completely different plane and appear to be being raised by adults with no sense of morals or values. .

4. The one thing I'd like to achieve today is getting the den straightened up so we can semi-decorate for the season....probably won't happen though...

5. The last thing I want to do today is allow stress invade my mind and heart..

6. If I were writing my own blank today, it would say: ...For me, the true meaning of Christmas is...                                  .

7. My favorite candle scent is Twisted Peppermint from Bath and Body Works..

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