Thursday, December 15, 2011


1. Do you like your middle name or are you embarrassed by it?  Growing up, I was extremely embarrassed by my middle name.  After all, I was named after two UNCLES.  When I became an adult, I learned to appreciate my family name, so much that I gave it to Lawren as her middle name.

2. Have you ever seen a white Christmas?  No, but almost.  One year when Charles was a baby, it snowed on Dec. 26, but it was just a we usually get here in the South.

3. Looking back, have you accomplished what you wanted to in life up to this point?  Yes, most definitely.  I have a loving husband, three healthy children, an education, a career, and I'm a follower of Jesus.

4. Do you prefer baking or cooking?  Cooking, but the girls like to bake, so it all works out.

5. What's the website you think you spend the most time on?  Facebook, Blogger, and MSN games....

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