Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Giving Thanks Challenge

2011 Giving Thanks Challenge
(for safe-keeping)

I'm thankful...

* that I'm a child of God.

* for an occasional early bedtime.

* for my job at MCHS! GO BULLDOGS!!

* that Pippi feels better.
* for MY fam[ILY}...

* for board game fun time with the kids! :)

* for GOOD FOOD with Chuck's family

*that my grocery shopping is DONE.

* that today is the last day before Thanksgiving break!

* for my "bloggy" friends!

* for my church family.

* when I get to spend time with my children.

* that it's FRIDAY!!!

* for supportive parents at school.

* for consistency of rules.

* that I'm not easily bored...

* that Youtube has so many songs/videos from my childhood and teen years....good memories!
* for the beautiful world God has given us.

* for my generous husband....ILY!

* for heated car seats!

* for heat in my classroom...HOORAY!!

* that my girls ASK to go to church-related activities!

* for my colleagues' willingness to work with and for special needs students.

* that I have a job/career that I love!

* that I don't own a gun.

* for lazy, relaxed Saturdays.

* for Susan, my sidekick...she's not in our classroom today, and I miss her!

* that I'm alive and healthy today, my 50th birthday!

* that I'm patient.

* because I know that nothing is going to happen to me today that God and I together cannot handle.

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