Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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1. What is the worst job you have ever had?  The absolute worst job I ever had was one summer during college when I worked in a factory.  I was on a production line, and it was the most BORING work EVER!!!  That summer taught me a lot about what I wanted in life and what I didn't want for my life.

2. Have you ever been fired?  No, never fired, but I did quit once...

3. What would your dream job be?  I have my dream job!  I teach high school special education in a self-contained class and I love it! 

4. What did you want to be when you "grew up"?  I always wanted to be a teacher, and in about 3rd grade, I decided that special education was my area...

5. How old were you when you got your first job?  I was in 6th grade, probably 12,  when I started babysitting (for 50 cents an hour!) for my girl scout leader's young son....and I stayed on as their family's steady hire until I graduated from high school.


  1. Wow - you decided what you wanted to do that early on and you stuck with it?! That's amazing. I can't even keep nail polish on longer than 3 days. LOL Happy Wednesday!

  2. It takes a special person to teach special ed. I admire you for that!

  3. awesome! my sister teaches special ed and my little brother is downs. special ed teachers ROCK!

    you must have been awesome for them to keep you steady all through school!

    thanks for linking up!