Thursday, November 10, 2011


Buzz over and link up with Rebecca...

1. The last thing you ate:  M&M's...needed a little pick-me-up before the after school IEP meeting :)

2. The last thing you purchased:  I wrote a check to pay for the embroidery on the backs of my daughter's letterman jackets.

3. The last thing you did before going to bed last night:  brushed my teeth, of course!

4. The last song you heard:  "Hey Soul Sister" by ring tone for when my daughters call me

5. The last show you were watching:  I watched the early morning news before coming to school.

6. The last person you called:  The lady in the kitchen at U Tote Um...I ordered breakfast this morning..

7. The last person you received a text from:  MJ

8. The last color nail polish you wore:  clear

9. The last place you were before going home:  MCHS..that's where I always am it seems!

10. The last time you did something for yourself:  I bathed, dressed, and combed my hair this morning....that's about all I do for myself here lately!

1 comment:

  1. It seems like thats what we all seem to have been saying is we haven't been doing anything for ourselves. I used to all the time and now, putting on makeup seems to be the biggest deal of doing something for myself most days.
    M&Ms sound really good right now!
    Thanks for linking up this week