Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Happy List

Here's what is on
for today...

Today is the last day of school for this week....we have a loooooong weekend to celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.
We just had a Faculty/Student basketball game at school and the teachers spanked the students and won by 30 points!  Go MCHS teachers!!

I've already done part of my shopping for Thanksgiving supper so I don't have to go out searching for the major items I need.  I'll have to go get a few little things, but not anything big....like the turkey!

Tomorrow we get to go to the J&K for lunch.  I'll be so happy to see Markie, one of my all-time favorite friends.  Oh, and I'll get good chicken tenders and a superb salad too!

We've been invited to go over to Cheraw on Saturday for lunch with Larry and Gayle, and hopefully others too!  HOORAY for family get-togethers!

I straightened my hair on Sunday before going to church and it is still straight!  It is amazing how just a smidge of effort can pay off for a low-maintenance girl!

What are y'all happy about today?? 
Please take a minute to share with me and others :)
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  1. I think that if I tried to straighten my hair, it would stay straight for about ten seconds and then go curly again!