Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love linking up with Jamie each week for
What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I'm loving All the Rage salon and spas tanning beds!  I know, I know....I'm slowly quickly killing myself....but I love to tan.  I don't tan year-round....maybe for a month or so.  Just long enough to get a slight base tan beginning in spring. 

I'm loving that I have my planning period during the time when Chuck eats his lunch.  We are able to take a few minutes together during the school day and sit down for a bite to eat, providing that no major discipline event occurs....

I'm loving my classroom assistant, Susie Suggs.  I have never had an assistant to work with me and was quite nervous knowing that I'd have a stranger in my classroom .  Well, I hit the jackpot when Mrs. Suggs walked into the room.  She and I are completely on the same page!  When I have to step out of the room for a moment, she picks right up where I leave off and continues instruction and maintains discipline without missing a beat.  I'm one lucky teacher to have a helper and friend like her!!  (I'll post a a pic of her as soon as I get around to taking one.....)

I'm loving that L and MJ are going to visit their aunt Chandler in Berkeley this summer.  They are flying out to California on June 22 and will be home on July13.  They are making their lists of things they want to see and do while in the Bay Area.  Three whole weeks without them....what will I do??  I'll miss them so much, but I know they'll have the time of their lives!!  

 I'm loving The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I have been reading this novel slowly and enjoying every word in it.  The story takes place in Mississippi in the early 60's and tells about the civil rights struggles in the south and the treatment of domestic help in homes.  Like the children in the book, I was raised during this exact time period by a "maid."  Then, of course, I had no idea about the complexities of just dealing with interactions between the employee and employer.  I feel like I am so wrapped up in the lives of the characters right now that I'm going to miss them when I complete the book! 

PS....I know it's Thursday and I'm a day late with life got in the way of posting yesterday!


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