Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Once again, I'm linking up with Jamie for this weeks edition of
What I'm Loving Wednesday...

First and foremost, I'm thankful for and loving God for bringing my precious little great-nephew Law through the week.  He is a patient at the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.  Law has tuberous sclerosis which has caused him to suffer many seizures and developmental delays.  Doctors performed brain surgery on Monday hoping to stop the seizures and improve his quality of life.  Please visit Law's Caringbridge website (here) to read more about this tough little guy, one of God's angels here on Earth.
I'm loving my son Charles and congratulating him for receiving the Student Service Award (voted on by faculty members) here at MCHS.  He will be presented the award May 5, 2011, at a county-wide "Celebrating Our Success" banquet. 
I'm loving the Marlboro County High School Bulldog
softball teams and my two favorite players.... 
Mary Jo
I'm loving my other son Josh....he's always willing to accompany me when I need to go somewhere....especially when I dangle a caramel Frappe` in front of him... :)
I'm loving little Pippi, MJ's new puppy that Josh got her for Christmas.  She has proven to be a lively, but messy, addition to our family. 

And, of course and as usual, I love my sweet, hard-working  husband.  I definitely made the right choice when I picked him!

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