Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

So, I have not participated in Miscellany Monday in quite a while....let's see what I can think of on this beautiful day....

Daylight Savings time started over the weekend.  We all had to "spring forward" an hour, and that loss of an hours sleep is catching up to me.  I had planned to take a nap yesterday afternoon to recoup  that hour but things did not work out....

I'm still loving my position as special ed. teacher at MCHS!  This is the absolute BEST place to be!  I think that I am so lucky to have had this opportunity to move here in January.  Go Bulldogs!!

Speaking of Bulldogs....both the JV and varsity softball teams won Friday night against (my Alma mater) Cheraw.  MJ was the catcher for the JV game and Lawren played right field and 3rd during the varsity game.  Again....Go Bulldogs!!

And....the SCFFA Tractor Driving Competition was held in Florence over the weekend, and guess who scored PERFECT???  That's right....Charles!!  His team came in 3rd in the region and will travel to the SC State Fairgrounds in April for the state competition!!  I'm so proud of you, Charles!

My little great-nephew Law is scheduled for brain surgery at 3:00 today.  His doctors are hoping to perform a procedure that will reduce the number of seizures he is experiencing.  He has a disease called Tuberous Sclerosis, and it has been devastating to his development.  Everyone please say a prayer for little Law, his parents, Christi and Jeff, and his precious big sister Victoria.
I hope that everyone is having a super Monday....I sure am!


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