Thursday, August 26, 2010

Volleyball Scrimmage - MCHS vs. Chesterfield

I did not expect to have a negative entry on the very first day, but here goes...

Lawren could not play in the vb scrimmage against Chesterfield today because she walked into the gym (on time) with a McDonald's cup with ice in it and would not give it to the coach.  She was on the way to throw it away, and she had to sit out the WHOLE SCRIMMAGE!  Ok, she should have been punished....I agree with that, but let's "make the punishment fit the crime".  Others have had soft drinks;  others have been late;  others have missed practices;  others have been disrespectful;  others have not give 100% all of the time...Lawren and MJ included....but again, let the "punishment fit the crime".

Fast forward to the end now....the JV vb team lost all three matches against the C'field JV vb team.  The MCHS varsity vb team lost all three matches against the C'field vb team.....shamefully, seriously, pitifully!  :(  What was the outcome?  What did the coach say afterwards to her team?  Paraphrased: "This team lacks leadership."  "Y'all don't play as a team."  What MJ inferred from the coaches' speech...."Y'all suck!"

Will L and MJ be at the next scheduled practice?  Yes.  Will L and MJ quit the team like so many others have already?  No.  Will I continue to support the MCHS vb team? Yes.  Do I agree with the coaches' decision to bench L for the entire scrimmage?  No.  Do I think she has shot herself in the foot?  Yes. 

It's over for today....everyday life is not always like I think it should be....and today was not different.


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