Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ramblings - 08-31-2010

The last day of August....three-fourths of 2010 is gone!  Time really flies!

We had our third benchmark testing at school today.  I read the test aloud in all four ELA classes as an accommodation for my students.  From the scores of the tests that I saw, the students mostly bombed.  I'm not sure how effective it is to lose a day of instruction every tenth day....and, like our principal has said numerous times....what did we learn from the benchmark date collected last school year??  Nothing....

Had more vb drama today.  Lawren was benched during practice.  MJ was told to run 13 laps.  Coach W. told L and MJ that she didn't need them on the team.  They were put out of the gym, and when Chuck took them back so that they could finish practice, they were rejected.  I am hoping to meet with Coach Boyd, Mr. Bowen, Coach W., and other interested parties tomorrow.  Hopefully we can work things out....I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

As a fam, we went to Pizza Hut for supper....Tuesday night buffet.  After we ate, Charles and I ran to Laurinburg to Wal-Mart.  He needed golf balls, a fan for his room, and shotgun shells.....deer season opens tomorrow!  It's a federal, legal holiday for some in the South, you know.... :)

Guess that's all for for now.  I'm really tired tonight and think I'll go ahead and turn in....good night!


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