Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Son....I love you!

A quiet Friday night at home alone....HOORAY!!!

We went to the J&K for supper and then Chuck and the girls (plus Chelsey Brumbles) went on to the Bulldog football game at Cheraw High School, and Charles and I came back to Bennettsville.  Charles is spending the night at Northside Fire Dept. because he has an "important, mandatory explorer meeting" tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. 

Speaking of was 17 years ago today, on a Friday night, that Charles was born.  I went into Marlboro Park Hospital on Thursday, Aug. 26 so that my labor could be induced.  Since it was late in the afternoon, I spent the night and the process began early the next morning.  I got a wonderful epidural about mid-afternoon, and Charles presented himself at 4:56 p.m.  Chuck was there for the birth, then left around 5:30 to drive the team bus to Cheraw for the football game (he was a coach at the time).  Charles weighed 6 lb. 10 oz., and was about 20 in. long.  He was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen.  Of course my mama said, "Every crow thinks his is the blackest!"  I know exactly what she means, but you couldn't tell me that at the time.  Marlboro lost the game 14-7 that night....

But the Dawgs are WINNING score MCHS 30 and Cheraw 0!

Back to Charles!  Happy birthday son!  You will never know how important you are to me.  I am very proud of you.  You are a handsome, mature, helpful, kind-hearted young man who has so much potential.  I only want the best for you in your life.  Always do your best and make good choices.  Remember that I am here for you and will always be in your corner.  I know we may not always see eye-to-eye, but remember that I have a lot more years of experience behind me, so sometimes, you just have to trust my judgement....hopefully one day you will understand what it's like to be a parent!  Again, I love you Buddy!

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