Saturday, August 28, 2010

Retro Blogs - Failure Is Not an Option

In my first entry, I mentioned that I was new to blogging, but had attempted blogging on several other occasions.  I have record of some of my other attempts, so I think that periodically I'll insert a "retro" blog. 

Failure Is Not an Option

"How can you fail English? You can read! You can write! You can speak! A 62 in English is not acceptable! Failure is not an option!"

Chuck brought home Charles' interim report yesterday, and yes, he has a 62 in 11th grade English. I just don't understand. I understood when he was having trouble last semester in Spanish II, but English?? I don't get it!

Well, I do get it.....he's not trying. Charles doesn't care about English....most of the time he doesn't even speak English....the speaks "Southern American." He cares about firefighting, golf, hunting, eating, and agriculture classes. That's it. I was kind of like that too though....I did well in the classes that I liked (English), and didn't really care about some of the others (math, science, history). But I shouldn't compare myself to him....but anyway...

I've told Charles that he is on restriction until I get written documentation that his grade has improved....probably more punishment for me than for him, but that's the way it usually goes. Hopefully he'll bring his grade up (like he says he has already) and neither of us will have to suffer for too long. I'll email Mr. Caldwell and see what he says, and then we'll see what happens after that....

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