Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lazy Saturday 08-28-10

Today has been a lazy, quiet Saturday thus far.  Chuck got up early to go to Jefferson to teach a class for the SCFA, and the girls and I slept late.  After getting up and becoming motivated, I cooked bacon, grits, and eggs for lunch, then worked on laundry (never-ending laundry!). 

Charles is still at Northside.  The girls and I are going to pick up Chelsey Brumbles, and then all four kids are going to the ~Mud Bog~....whatever....  I don't understand mudbogging, and may never.  They have tried to explain it to me.....I guess one day I'll just have to go and experience it....

Chuck is resting for a while, and then we are going to go to Bath and Body Works (one of my fav. stores), Wal-Mart (got to pick up a few essentials), and to eat supper (something simple).  Cannot wait for the trip to B&BW...haven't been in a long time.

Anyway, hope our lazy Saturday will remain lazy, and everyone will continue to be calm and cooperative....I'm keeping my fingers crossed....


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