Wednesday, February 15, 2012



{1} How was your Valentine's Day?  Sadly, just another day....

{2} What is your favorite flower? I love daisies, sunflowers, and daffodils. 
  Did your honey get them for you?  Heck no!  :(

{3} Was Valentine's Day a big deal when you were a kid?  My mama made every holiday special.  She always got us a card and a little gift, mainly just so we'd know that we were special to her.....I miss her so much....

{4} Did you put up any Valentine's Day decorations? (bonus points for a picture)  I put up a few cardboard cutouts in my classroom.... :)

(These cutouts are soooooo mama bought them for me when I first started teaching, 28 years ago!)
{5} Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?  No, sadly, we don't have any traditions.  I try to show love all year round!

(Go link up with Mamarazzi....I did!)

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  1. I love the first cutout you put in your classroom! So cute!